Yoko Ono

For absolutely no obvious reason, I’ve been thinking so much about Yoko Ono in the past few weeks….. that poor woman….  I can’t even imagine enduring all the emotional pain she’s had to put up with in her life…. and to be a creative soul at that….  (I spent a few hours unscrewing and disassembling “etageres” last night and it is physically impossible for me to do mindless tasks without day dreaming…. so I thought about Yoko.) Today I read this article from what… 6 years ago? And just…. am now feeling so much sadness…. I was like…. “How much would I love to sit and talk to this woman… ? Maybe I should email her.” HAHAHA. The only “celebrity” to ever really capture my attention… but I don’t consider her anything other than a fellow human, living on this earth.

I think I like her so much because when I was younger I can remember hearing older people talking about her and hating her, and that always made me feel so much compassion for her….. hate has an opposite effect on me…. when I feel it coming out of people I want to counter it with something, something even more powerful and even at times disarming…. LOVE. Isn’t it amazing that people can hate so much, and love so little?? And that people could hate the idea of peace? It’s a likely fantasy, but I would love to participate in one of her projects…. I would love to continue her mission of peace. I am just a nobody, a woman, a wife, a mother, an artist, but I sure will do my best.