Pasta Pesto Please. Brainless meals for busy nights.


Not everyone knows this about me….. but I am ALL about efficiency… it’s like a thing that happens in my brain. It doesn’t make me organized, hahaha, but it makes me feel really queasy about spending too much time on something that could be done…. well…. in less time. Right? Who wants to waste time? The more time I have sitting on my couch and sipping on tea, the better….. kidding… totally kidding…. sort of. But my mantra is…. we have to budget time in the same manner that we budget money…. time is valuable folks…. and when you have four kids this becomes oh so apparent.

HOWEVER…. like most moms in the world, I do aspire to have my kids eat relatively well balanced meals and have plenty of fruits and veggies in their diets…. and I certainly don’t have enough freezer space (or the brain energy) to pre-cook meals and freeze them…. so here’s what my husband and I do (because he totally cooks too, this is a team effort). We make up meal ideas that take 20mins or less, have minimal prep, are healthy, and also…. relatively cheap….

I present: Pasta pesto and spinach salad.

Aldi….. ALDI…. I could sing it’s praises, I love that store so much!!!

Here’s what you need to buy:
G-Free spiral noodles
basil pesto
bag of spinach
Italian Dressing
Parmesan cheese
2 fresh tomatoes

That’s it….. that’s all she wrote. Go to Aldi and discover just how inexpensive that is. (And bonus, if nobody in your house is gluten-free….. regular noodles are even cheaper!)

Here’s how it’s done…. since the husband made dinner tonight I’ll do a Q&A with him….

“So, how did you make this delicious meal honey?”
“Just….. noodles pesto sauce, tomatoes, and stuff.”
“Like, did you have to do any prep work?”
“Cut up the tomatoes.”
“How would you describe making pasta pesto to someone else?”
“This is your recipe! You’re the one who taught me how to make it…… sweetie.”
“I know, but I want your words.”
“Boil noodles, drain and rinse. dice the tomatoes. Spoon in the pesto sauce. mix it all up. shake parmesan onto and that’s….. it.”
“What about salad, do you think that took long?”
“HAHAHA. I would’ve made a better salad if I knew it was making the blog. All I did was take spinach out of the bag and put Italian dressing on it.”
“Yeah, but it’s food….. and it’s totally how we do it.”

Pro Tip: Don’t over-think things. When you’ve been parenting for nearly 17 years….. efficiency is your best friend.

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