There’s a Gluten-free Backpacking trip in my future!

I have had so much food pass through my kitchen that I failed to photo or blog about, lol…. but it’s okay. Catch up time? Why sure, that sounds fun!

All of November came and went, I made a super cute cake for my son’s birthday…. he turned 11. Surprise, surprise….. the cake was gluten-free and vegan! And the boys hardly touched it….. apparently 11yo boys prefer burning calories at parties rather than consuming them…. they spent HOURS chasing each other around the house with nerf guns.
DSC_1191Thanksgiving came and went…. we ate at my parents, so I just prepared a few things for myself and the rest of them ate what they could! I did however get one last freakishly late in the season score from my garden! (And then it snowed the next day.) And I made my mom a fun cake for her birthday….
DSC_1216 DSC_1221
Then into December we got to have some fun. I hosted dinner…. and while I definitely did not have time to take fun photos, we did a 7 course meal…. stuffed mushrooms using a dairy-free cream cheese, onion, pepper…. a little daiya on top. lots of cranberries were used in the making of the meal… but this cranberry sorbet was my favorite!


Then after Christmas had past… my daughter turned THIRTEEN!! I am officially the parent of a teenager.


And then…. moving into February….. we decided to play with natural food coloring and used boiled beet water for these yummy cookies to send into my first graders class party.

And since sometimes the sweets get all the attention my youngest and I had a fun day making chips! We made sweet potato and beet chips and loved every delicious bite. And these weren’t the “healthy” oven baked chips…. no…. fully fried in a wok full of peanut oil. Sometimes…. you just gotta fry something.


And now that we’re all caught up to the present…. let me fill you in! We are planning a backpacking trip with the four kids the end of this month (March) and I am in the process of making, dehydrating, and packaging food for the 6 of us for 9 days. The kitchen has been a mess for days….. more to come on that. But here’s a fun preview…. tofu jerky!! I was kinda worried it wouldn’t have a good texture, but it turned out so good that I need to share the full recipe soon.


So, that’s what I got…. October-March highlights.