Meatball Appetizers


Here’s the recipe (makes about 100 1″ meatballs.)
2 bags of Gardein gluten-free beefless ground OR 3lbs ground beef
1.5 C gluten-free breadcrumbs
2 TBLS ground flax
1/4 C hot water (mix with the flax and let it gel.)
1 medium onion
salt and pepper (maybe 1/2 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp ground pepper)
1/2 C water

24oz grape jelly
2 bottles of chili sauce

defrost the beefless ground by heating it up in a skillet or a microwave.  Alternately if using real beef, brown the meat in a skillet and drain the fat. Mix together with the bread crumbs, onion, flax eggs, salt and pepper. Slowly add a little bit of water at a time and thoroughly mix. You don’t want it to get too wet, so take your time. You need it to be nice and sticky and hold form well.

Form 1″ balls and place on pan (You can fit them closely…. just make sure they don’t touch.) Bake in a preheated oven at 350* for about 20 mins. (I do not recommend turning them.)

Pull them out of the oven and allow to cool for at least 10 mins. Then carefully remove them from the pan with a spatula and add to a crock pot (or nesco roaster) On low heat… or about 200-250*. The bottoms might stick to the pan, just be careful… the longer you allow them to cool the easier they are to remove because they firm up as they cool.

Mix the chili sauce and the grape jelly and completely coat the meatballs in the sauce. Allow it to heat up in the roaster or crock pot and the flavor to seep into the meatballs. (At LEAST 1 hour…. longer gives more flavor.)

If you want the meatballs to be quite firm, remove them from the heat and allow to cool, chill in the fridge overnight. Then reheat when needed…. but you can eat them straight away.

Tada!! Midwest meat eating neighbors will feel right at home with these…. and kids will gobble them up!DSC_1167  DSC_1173

P.S. If you don’t want to pay $9 for a few cups of gluten-free bread crumbs…. it is EASY to get. Just make a loaf of gluten-free bread without xanthan or flax, slice it and let it sit out overnight and the next morning I assure you….. you’ll have bread crumbs! 😉


Deviled Tomatoes

So, I went through my pinterest boards and deleted all the old recipes and food ideas that no longer apply to my life. It wasn’t sad… I’m okay with it. I’ve come to accept I will never again (intentionally) eat gluten. (thank celiac for that). And that I would rather be migraine and daily headache free and will not miss dairy…. and that I enjoy not having an upset stomach all the time and there is no earthly reason to add eggs to anything….. so…. I started new boards, new ideas to fill up my thoughts with.

Today’s revelation came when I was making lunch. I timed it by the way…. it took 16 mins from starting to make a vegan “egg” salad, to wrapping it up and eating it on lettuce leaves with the kids, to looking thoughtfully at my tomatoes, to executing the thought, to taking the pic. So, vegan egg salad comes together quite quickly in comparison to having to boil eggs if you have things prepared ahead of time. I had made this on Friday…. so I had the cashew based “mayo” ready to go, and last night I was working on a hummus recipe using chickpea flour and cooked it too long and it got quite firm…. so… I decided it would be chickpea tofu! And it worked.

Here are my “deviled tomatoes” they would make such a cute little appetizer for a party or a potluck…. and in a few more months we will certainly have loads of tomatoes to use up! So, I’m not really into typing up recipes… I just like to use them as a jumping off point… but the gist of this is, crumble up tofu, add some mayo, add some mustard, add some celery, some peppers, some onion powder, some garlic powder, some chili powder, some cumin, some paprika, salt to taste, scoop out some tomato halves lengthwise (either large grape or small romas) fill them, and sprinkle the top with some paprika aaaaand serve. 😉 Image