Kale Wrappers

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This is just experimental… I have an abundance of Kale at the moment and I’m kind of sick of eating it in salads…. we’ve dehydrated lots of it and ground it up into a powder. I add it to jut about everything these days….. but it keeps putting up new leaves faster than I can get around to dehydrating. So, I wondered if I could make it into something like a fruit leather…. or like we call them “Fruit rolla” only it’d be Kale…. which I could basically use as a wrap for things like eggless salad or chickenless  salad…. or hummus and tomatoes…. or rice and veggies…. maybe sushi?

The first thing I did is look on pinterest. I found a lot of spinach wraps…. mostly as a “raw” recipe…. but everything I found looked like it would probably tear easily (like paper)…. and in general probably not be super easy to spread, dehydrate evenly, or remove….

So…. I just did this on a whim, making it up…. and after I eat more and more of it up, I’ll share how things went. I loaded up a soup kettle with about 20 cups of Kale (removed from the stems) added about 1 cup of applesauce…. added maybe 1 cup of water…. some salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder…. a little dill…. and cooked it til it was all mushed and boiling. Then I dumped it into the blender, blended it up…. and poured it and spread it onto parchment lined dehydrator trays. I set it for 135* and dehydrated for 8 hours, turning the trays 180* half way through. Peeled them off, and cut them (with kitchen shears) into fourths. (I had 4 trays, so all in all I have 16 “wraps” I was going to keep them larger…. but decided… smaller might be a little better since they’ll be filled… plus I don’t want to have too much of the wrap, that might be kind of…. chewy? So, I employed more of a sushi concept with the size. Less is more.

Anyway, it’s yummy, it’s Kale, and it’s just one more way to eat it up!
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I’m back!! Here’s what I did with these for lunch. Unbelievably good….. and really…. perfect! It’s a garden veggie sushi…. I grew the kale that made the wraps, the carrots and zucchini that went inside seriously so cool!!  I didn’t actually have small grain rice, so I just used basmati. Just added a little apple cider vinegar, soy sauce, and salt while it was cooking…. cooked a little longer to get it more “starchy”…. I’m so excited about this!! Yay for backyard gardens and dehydrators! (and gluten-free soy sauce…. and sriracha, our favorite condiment.)

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