Harvesting Dill Seed.


One of the easiest things to add to a veggie garden is some dill. And it is useful almost all of the summer! Plant the seeds as early as you can… and once it’s almost 12″ high, you can start to snip off some of the leaves (dill weed) to use in cooking…. the plant will continue to grow and grow until it’s about 3 feet…. then it flowers. Once those flowers die back, you are left with the “seed” (which is technically it’s fruit).


Dill seed is primarily for use in cooking…. but it can also be used like a tea to help with upset tummies. (It used to be used for colicky babies!) And if you grew some cucumbers…  dill seed makes excellent pickles!

Sometimes, unveiling the mystery is all it takes to motivate someone to “do it themselves” so here goes…. and possibly you will never need to purchase dill seed again!

DSC_1037Basically to harvest the seeds, you watch the flowers…. once they turn from a bright greenish yellow to a brown and all the seeds on a stalk appear to be “uniform” in their appearance, snip it off (carefully, or they’ll drop in your garden and self-propagate and you’ll have dill where you don’t necessarily want it the following year).

Then, I snip off each individual long stem, grab at the base, and gently twist my thumb and pointer finger til all the seeds drop into a bowl. Once I have all the seeds, I let them set out for a day or two in the bowl to ensure they are dry, then add them to a container! Very, very easy.

To make use of the rest of the plant as dill weed…. simply snip, dehydrate, and slide your fingers down the thick stems and voila…. that’s it! Such a beautiful, useful, aromatic plant! I love dill.


 DSC_1040 DSC_1041





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