Cantaloupe Seeds.


Seriously….. I have never ever thought about this before today…. but I was cutting up a cantaloupe for our lunch and scraping the seeds out and plopping them into a bowl totally planning to put them in the compost when…. I stopped. We eat pumpkins seeds…..and cantaloupe are part of the same family… could it be that we could do the same thing to cantaloupe seeds and eat those too?

So, I dropped what I was doing and immediately googled it. (Do you ever look back and wonder how you figured things out before google?) And sure enough…. not only is it possible…. but they’re HEALTHY! They are loaded with protein. Looking at the fat content and the protein level…. they look quite comparable to nuts… except they aren’t nuts…. and if you’re already eating the fruit, well then it’s like FREE protein.

Here’s what you do, using your hands gently “slough” off the seeds from the gooey stuff…. and then toss them in a frying pan with some olive oil, salt, pepper, paprika… and just cook them on med-high heat until you hear them starting to pop. And if you’re worried it’s going to be too time consuming… I had all my seeds separated, and cooked within 10 minutes…. so…. it’s a lot easier then separating pumpkin seeds. (and a LOT less slippery)

So…. now you too know….. unless you already did…. in which case…. maybe I’m just not very observant and totally missed the cantaloupe seed memo, lol. Either way…..I hope give it a try!!!



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