Raw Sugar can become brown sugar and powdered sugar in less than 5 minutes.


Did you know….. while standing in the aisle of sugars scratching your head figuring out which kind to buy…. that regardless of what you end up bringing home, you can use it to create your own “powdered” sugar and “brown” sugar in a matter of minutes?

It really helps to know these things if you are in the midst of a baking escapade and suddenly run out.

I feel slightly overwhelmed in the world of sugar options…. so I buy washed raw sugar and call it a day. One day I’m sure information will begin filtering options down a bit…. but for now…. raw sugar just feels like a safe bet. I don’t use cane sugar in EVERYTHING…. a lot of things get sorghum syrup, maple syrup, fruit juice, etc etc….. but I bake and make EVERYTHING for our family of 6, and well, sugar happens.

But, being able to grab a few of the same bag and come home and turn it into three products feels…… simple. I like simple.

So, here’s what I do. Brace yourself….. I open the first bag and pour it into it’s canister. I then open the next bag and pour it into my high powdered blender…. turn it on high for 3 mins or so and voila…. powdered sugar. (Now, granted, it’s not as perfect and smooth as the bag stuff, but it WILL make some yummy frosting and it will make chocolate for me…. and that’s about all I need it for.) Pour that into the “powdered sugar” canister. Now, I simply take two cups out of the first canister and toss that into the blender…. add 2-3 TBLS of some yummy sorghum syrup and pulse until mixed in. Aaaand I have brown sugar. (molasses works too, but I kind of have a love affair with sorghum since it gives me my favorite flour.)

All done. Three pretty sugars. (The brown sugar is practically like a candy by itself.)



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