Dairy-free Chocolate Chips!! (with a patriotic flare)

DSC_0917 (2)

I set out to do a lot of things today. Woke up early, got breakfast for the kids, got the dishes done, collected laundry, got that started, made my bed, planned out the next week’s menu… typed up my grocery list….got the kids cleaned up and ready to go…. went to the grocery store, came home, got lunch…. and because I rarely experience a day where things actually go smoothly, I realized I was way ahead of schedule. The meeting we were hosting wasn’t until 7pm… I didn’t have to have dinner ready til like 5-6ish… which meant a whole 5 hours of playtime!!

What would anyone do with 5 hours of free time except attempt to make colored white chocolate chips from a dairy-free chocolate they just whipped together! I wanted some type of fun snack mix… but there are just no dairy-free m&ms to be found… and this was all I could think of…. sprinkles could’ve been an option, but that usually requires coating things with some type of corn syrup/ heavily fatted up substance and that wasn’t part of my plan either….

So, after a little fanagling with some food colors (another story for another time, but, I am thinking that I am on to the next phase of my cake and cookie decorating using only natural food dyes… they work quite well and I want to make some of my own so we’ll see how that goes.) This is what I got! I don’t have pictures of the process, I wasn’t even sure it would work out… but it did, and they’re super cool. I used a pastry bag and a tip and just went to town making dots and flicking the tail to look like a “chocolate chip”. It really wasn’t that time consuming… maybe 10 mins per tray? (only two trays).

For the white chocolate recipe:
100g cocoa butter
40g confectioners sugar
1.5 TBLS soy milk powder
.5 tsp vanilla extract

using a double boiler, melt the cocoa butter. Measure your sugar then mix in the soymilk powder. Add the sugar/ powder mixture to the cocoa butter and whisk all together until completely incorperated. Remove from heat, add in the vanilla and perhaps a pinch of salt. Let cool enough to have a thicker consistency before attempting to make chocolate chips. (To color, I divided into different bowls and added the coloring and mixed it up maybe 5 mins after removing from heat.)

Oh! And if you’d like to make this yummy “trail mix” It’s just Gluten free Chex, mixed nuts, raisins, and yummy dairy free chocolate chips. I also decided to throw in some coconut for a confetti-esque flare, but that happened later.


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