My Birthday Cake

I’ve made some fun things the past few weeks…. none so fun as my very own gluten-free vegan birthday cake! DSC_0911I used a recipe for the cake from The Gluten Free Vegan. The frosting I just did my own thing….. I have long been decorating cake and have my own concoction for frostings…. I just used earth balance margarine and coconut milk in place of butter and milk. Then, for the chocolate I just made chocolate using coconut oil since I didn’t have cocoa butter….. and then I used almond milk…. but probably using a dry milk would be best. Anyhow, it was delicious and it worked out. DSC_0913

I was, however, in a very big hurry…. and did not let the cake cool all the way (scandalous) so, my frosting on the side kind of began sliding when I added the warm chocolate frosting to the top…. not to mention it was a little hot and humid in the house…. nevertheless….. it was still a beautiful birthday cake! (and it was for me…. and I said I didn’t care, lol)


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