Vegan Cheesecake

vegan cheesecake take 1

This is the yummy dessert I made for Father’s Day. Everyone around here just kind of humors me and my dietary needs…. the truth is…. I never would’ve imagined I’d be into vegan foods even 4 months ago….. Learning to live gluten free was a huge paradigm shift for me. But, learning the ropes with all the new and fun flours to play with, learning that I can’t tolerate gums well introduced me to all the wonders of flax and the fact that I really don’t need eggs in baking with it. It opened up new doors. I kept thinking for a while that if I just made my own yogurt, or my own cheese…. or drank raw milk, I could tolerate dairy….maybe? Finally accepting the bitter truth that I can’t tolerate dairy (at all, we’re talking more than a lactose issue) was another blow. (and as of the present, I still can’t handle GF oats OR too much corn…. popcorn makes me sick, I feel like that’s unfair somehow.) And being a vegetarian… hmmm…. what do we call a vegetarian that can’t eat dairy? So, my world was turned upside down and because I refused to become some type of raging carnivore giving up my belief that our culture over-indulging on meat is the cause of abuse and inhumane treatment, I embraced it…. Gluten Free Veganism it is! And that’s the way it’s been for me since about late April.

Turns out…. it’s kind of like an exciting new world (unless we go out to eat, then it’s a small nightmare trying to order something without annoying the staff). So many foods I never would have made have found their way into our kitchen, such as this vegan “cheese” cake.

I followed this recipe from veganbaking…. pretty closely. I was running low on maple syrup and didn’t add any additional “sweetness” but it really could’ve used it. If anything, I might add a little MORE syrup than what is called for in the filling. I REALLY like the “crust” I said, “I think this would be the perfect crust for an rice cream cake.” and my husband laughed and said, “Oh yeah? You want a rice cream cake for your birthday?” (He still makes fun of me.)

All and all though…. I was impressed. I served it with fresh raspberries and coffee and everyone liked it. I said something to my husband, “See! Isn’t it nice to eat a cheesecake and not feel super ill afterward?” And he said, “Well….. see…. I don’t feel super ill when I eat cheesecake…. but I’m glad you were able to enjoy this with us!” (a few weeks ago we had a dinner to go to and we did just bring a normal cheesecake but I had to sit there with my coffee and fruit like an idiot while everyone asked me a million questions about my diet….that’s really embarrassing by the way…. I’d rather people just perceive I was a super health conscious hippy, it’s half true, so it’s believable…. just without the discussion of just how often I have had to endure diarrhea, migraines, sinus headaches, etc etc. “Yes, yes…. I’m a crazy hippy, THAT’S why I am now a vegan… who can’t eat gluten…”) šŸ˜‰


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